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Week One: May 1, and 4-8

MAY 1. 2020

Big vs Small

How big is big and how small is small? How small would something need to be to use a femtometer as the scale? Or how about a light year? If a light year is 9.46 trillion KM and the known universe - and it keeps expanding! - is billions of light years wide, how big is big? Think about your size compared to the smallest of the small and the biggest of the big and discuss this with someone close. 

Choose the 'CHECK IT OUT ' Link below and Enter Universcale!

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MAY 4. 2020

Michelangelo - Yes?

Can you imagine taking a ton of marble and sculpting out a human being? That's what Michelangelo did to create his famous sculpture of David. How do you plan for that kind of 'building'? Check out 3D Slash and see what you can sculpt out of a piece of 'stone.'

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MAY 5. 2020

The World's Oceans

Our world's oceans are HUGE! And whether you believe it or not, mostly undiscovered. Yes, that's right! The oceans are so HUGE that we have explored only a fraction of them. Check out the link and watch the video. Find someone at home and share your new knowledge, and ponder just what we might find beneath the surface of our oceans! Should exploring the vastness of the oceans be a priority for us? Why? Why not?

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Wednesday MAY 6. 2020

Yes, the earth's surface moves...

We know that when the ground moves we call it an earthquake. Sometimes large earthquakes cause buildings and structures to fail. Follow the link below and think about how we might make structures more safe so that an earthquake causes as little damage as possible. Explore the website and t hen take the earthquake quiz and find out how much you learned about earthquakes. Discuss what you discover with a family member!

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Thursday, MAY 7. 2020


Everyone enjoys games! Select a math or science game to explore different areas of math or science. There's a lot here, so make sure you bookmark this site to explore other games and activities when you have time. Commit to try one of the offline building activities! Be sure to share your experiences with someone at home!

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N.B.: Parents, you can sign up to receive daily activities to pursue at home! Lot's of great stuff here!

Friday, MAY 8. 2020

How do Vaccines work?

This video is very appropriate for our lives now. Scientists are searching for a vaccine to immunize us against the COVID-19 virus. But how do vaccines really work? Watch the video and and then take the test (THINK) to make sure you understand the video. Explore the 'Dig Deeper' section to find out more! You may need to work with an older sibling or parent to explore this video and other websites. Share what you learned with a family member!

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Week Two: May 11 - May 15

Monday, MAY 11. 2020

Code and Art

Coding is simply another language for being creative. We can use our creativity to create some pretty nifty art pieces using some online coding platforms. Try out Kano World and any one of their challenges. You can learn more about the COVID-19 virus or you can become a street artist! Try one, or try all of their different coding activities!

Tuesday, MAY 12. 2020

Access Mars

Everyone talks about Mars. But have you ever been there? No! Would you like to get a sense of what it's like on the surface of Mars? Of course! Follow the link to 'Access Mars.' Follow the journey from the launch pad to the surface of Mars and see what the Curiosity Rover saw. So cool! You can even get a close up of every component of the Curiosity Rover to see what kind of instrumentation was built into the rover so they could get as much data from and about Mars as possible. Be sure to take the tour of Mars and don't skip the intro!

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Wednesday, MAY 13. 2020

Science Doodle!

Offline: Try this cool little game that The Ontario Science Centre has put together! It's a fun way to boost your science vocabulary. Make sure you set aside some time with your family and if you've been working on your doodling ( you can do that here) then this is a great way to test your new skills!

Thursday, MAY 14. 2020


Dinosaurs! Watch this free film - be sure to make the picture full screen or open the link from your SMART TV - and take in the marvel of Dinosaurs and how we know so much about them! 

Create a Flipgrid post and tell us what amazed you the most and why!

Friday, MAY 15. 2020

Design Challenge: Build a Lightweight Airplane Wing (Login Required - Account is Free!)

The lighter an aircraft the less fuel it will burn and the further it can go. Can you build an airplane wing that is lightweight and structurally sound? Give this challenge a chance to take flight! Be sure to follow the Engineering Design Method process that this site walks you through! Inspiration > Plan > Build > Test > Redesign > Reflect

You will need to create an account. The Technovation website and resources are completely free! 

Week Three: May 18 - May 22

Monday, May 18, 2020

Innovation: Can you build a social-distancing device?

Our world is slowly opening up to the way we were before the pandemic - being social with other people besides our own family members. Some say we will never go back to the 'normal' way of life that we had before this pandemic. Have you ever thought about a way that we could keep each other safe using some kind of personal safety device while we are out in public or with a group of friends? How could we do that in such a way where we could enjoy each other's company without too many cumbersome devices designed to keep us safe?

Share your plan on Flipgrid, or with another person at home! Include diagrams, pictures, videos, plans and a way to test your design!

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

What kind of a scientist would you like to become?

If you were to choose to become a scientist as your career, what kind of scientist would you become? Why? How would you change the world? What kind of memory would you like to leave behind for the rest of the world? Why? 

Check out the link below to read about some of the world's greatest scientists. Who inspires you?

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Can you survive on an alien planet?

Morphy and his fellow alien crew have crash-landed on a foreign planet! His crewmembers evacuated at different times and are now missing. Help Morphy locate the crew members so that they can repair their spaceship. Beware! Morphy can’t survive this planet on his own. Along the way, Morphy will meet creatures with external traits that will help him survive this strange new world. Guide Morphy throughout this journey to save the missing crew!

Play Morphy!

Thursday, MAY 21. 2020

Design Challenge: Build a Trebuchet that will breach the wall!

Design your own trebuchet to fling a projectile at a castle wall. All of the dimensions of the trebuchet can be adjusted, as well as the masses of the counterweight and payload. Select a target on the Launch tab, or just see how far your projectile will go. You have 5 minutes only to figure out how to breach the castle wall! 

Friday, MAY 22. 2020

Secret Marshmallow Messages!

This activity is courtesy of Science Friday - kind of appropriate, don't you think? And what's cool about this activity is that it's something you can take camping with you! 

Just note that you will need the help of an adult with this activity! And there are a whole lot more activities on this website that can keep you learning at home anytime!

Click on the link to find out more about the science involved in creating a Secret Marshmallow Message! And please share your thoughts on Flipgrid if you're a student at Sir Adam Beck JS!

Week Four: May 25 - May 29

Monday, MAY 25. 2020

Solar Oven S'mores

Who doesn't like S'mores? They are the perfect camping treat! But can you make a S'more without electricity or fire? Yes! Using this method, build a solar over that uses the power of the sun to cook your S'mores! Make sure you make enough S'mores for everyone at home!

What kind of energy does the sun give us? Can you think of other ways we could use the sun's energy to help us? Use Flipgrid to tell us all about your Solar Oven S'more!

Tuesday, MAY 26. 2020

Make a Simple Circuit

Maybe you want to create a simple message to put outside your bedroom door or a flashing reminder that you can string somewhere in your house. Simple circuits are easy to create and they remind us of the power of circuits, whether in a computer's motherboard or in a complex machine. Use the link below to create a simple circuit, but come up with a way to make it noteworthy!

Share your circuit with us using Flipgrid! 

Wednesday, May 27. 2020

Fidgets to the Rescue!

Can you engineer your way out of a problem? The 'Fidgets to the Rescue' game allows you to explore the impact earthquakes and hurricanes can have on our roads and bridges. Using this activity you can help the Fidgets get to where they need to be to attempt a rescue. 

Can you see yourself as a civil engineer? Share your thoughts on Flipgrid!

Thursday, MAY 28. 2020

App Hazard

We all know that sometimes we can become caught up in our screens and forget about safety! In this case, Shaun has found the farmer’s iPad and has become addicted to Home Sheep Home – as he walks around the farm going about his day, he can’t take his eyes off the screen. Help him to get around whilst avoiding all of the hazards on the farm using the flock to help you!


Share a Flipgrid talking about safety and mobile devices. 

Friday, MAY 29. 2020

Build and Test a Mint Mobile!

Build a simple car using household materials and test it out! You'll notice that they use The Engineering Design Process to build and test their result. Be sure to collect the materials and watch the video! It will show you how to build the car and you will be introduced to 'variables.' 

Show us your end result and how your car works using Flipgrid!

Week Five: June 1 - June 5

Monday, June 1. 2020

Should We Go Back to the Moon? Here are NASA's plans!

Chances are that you were not alive when NASA first sent astronauts to the moon. Guess what? They're going to do it again and this time in spectacular fashion! Watch the fabulous animated movie via the link below - I'm pretty sure you're going to be impressed! There's so much in this video that you more than likely didn't know! Share your thoughts via Flipgrid. At the very least, share your thoughts with someone at home!

Tuesday, June 2. 2020

Building Big!

Here's an interesting fact. Did you know that Toronto has the second-highest number of tall buildings in the world? Only New York has more! Learn all about large construction projects from the link below. Before you go and explore the huge number of resources, begin with The Interactive Labs page. Here you'll learn about the different forces that engineers have to think about before they design a huge building!

Wednesday, June 3. 2020

Tracking Flights!

Did you want to see what Air Traffic Controllers see? Every day there are thousands of airplanes in the sky traveling from one part of the globe to another. Tracking airplanes requires both radar and GPS transponders. If a flight is over the ocean airports require their GPS transponder in order to keep an eye on them. This is pretty cool science, technology, engineering, and math! 

Check out the link below and click on one of the planes that you see. You'll be surprised by the kind of information you will find! How do you think GPS transponders and radar works? By the way, there certainly are a lot of planes in the sky considering our current pandemic. Why do you think that is the case? Leave your thoughts on Flipgrid!

Thursday, June 4. 2020

Time for a Game - All Aboard!

Create train routes to make your way across Canada on this fun train tracks game! Create a railway connection from start to finish by placing rail tracks on available tiles. If you misplace one or change your mind, you can place a new one on top. You cannot place tracks on tiles occupied by a landmark. You score points for each tile your train passes. Passing through special tracks on landmarks gives you bonus points. Make sure you connect start and finish before the timer runs out! If you finish before the timer you can press GO and score extra points for leftover time.


Friday, June 5. 2020

Let's Do Some Math! Area Builder

This interactive simulation teaches you about area. You can explore on your own, or choose the game where you are able to complete the area equations. If you enjoy this online simulation and game, you can certainly check out the other simulations that are available on this website! 

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