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  • May Library Learning Commons Update

    Time flies when you’re having fun, or at least that’s the what the old adage says. And at Sir Adam Beck, we’re having fun! If only the weather would cooperate just a little… As we move into May we reflect on weeks just gone by and weeks to come. The Silver Birch Reading group wrapped […]Read More »
  • Eco-School Podcasts

    Eco-School Podcasts Mme Rovas’ Grade 3 Class Podcasts (French) Jet, Hunter, and Cameron Rohan, George, and Anneli Jaclyn, Mila, and Mason Carmen, Laura, and Amanda Emma, Emily, and LilyRead More »
  • SABSounds – Podcasting @ Sir Adam Beck JS

    Even though we’ve talked about podcasting at Sir Adam Beck for some time we haven’t yet launched a podcast. This has changed! We now offer you our very first podcast conceived and delivered by our podcast team of Indiana and Justine.Read More »
  • April Learning Commons Update

    As we move into the final three months of the year, new opportunities for learning and collaborating spring up! The podcast group’s first podcast will be uploaded shortly and they have some plans to interview different people and talk about different events here at SAB over the next three months. As mentioned in a previous […]Read More »
  • March Library Learning Commons Update

    We launched our first ever ‘Read for a Day’ event on March 8th with the goal of emphasizing the importance of reading and giving students an opportunity to explore different ways they can read. Author Philip Roy presented from several of his works in both French and English and he brought along some of his […]Read More »
  • Girls Volleyball Tournament

    On Tuesday, February 19th the grade 5 girls volleyball team traveled to Lambton-Kingsway school for their tournament. They had been practicing three times a week under the coaching expertise of Mme. Mahaney, Mr. Mejiaand Mr. Bates. The team was a little nervous to start the game but soon shook off their nerves to win the […]Read More »
  • February Learning Commons Updates

    February is always a busy month of the year. Heading into this month we are celebrating CARNAVAL as a whole student body with lots of different winter activities and traditional Carnaval foods. And this month we celebrate African Heritage month with The Toronto Public Library offering a couple of programs to help inform students and […]Read More »
  • Extra-curricular Activities

    It’s a brand new year with brand new opportunities for students! Below you will find information about two separate clubs that will begin this month! Please note that both clubs require parent consent, especially with The Innovator’s Club because it will be an after-school program. Further, the Innovator’s Club will also require the student to […]Read More »
  • Newsletters…

    All of Sir Adam Beck’s Newsletters are posted here on the website. You can download and view our newsletters and other important information in PDF format. A great way to save paper, and a convenient way to read the newsletter or any other document posted on SAB’s website on a portable device. You can find […]Read More »
  • EcoSchools

    Sir Adam Beck is a Platinum Certified EcoSchool! What does this mean? Students are expected to bring a litterless lunch and reusable water bottle to school. Our goal is to create as little waste as possible throughout the day and a huge part of this can be done by reducing lunch waste! Try to send […]Read More »