A Beautiful World Assembly – November 19th

Hello! We are the student leaders of Sir Adam Beck junior school. We would like to inform you that on November 19th we are having a special guest who is from Uganda. She is a graduate from a Beautiful World. Her name is Prossy. Prossy will be speaking at our assembly about her life as a child who wouldn’t have had the opportunity to go to school, but because of our Beautiful World charity, she now is a graduate from school.

We hope to see you all at our assembly!

A Beautiful World Speaker Biographies

Cross Country

On the day of October 17th the cross country qualifiers ran their hearts out. The weather was against us, it was cold, wet, slippery and windy. Lots of us had trouble running but that did not stop Sir Adam Beck. A few qualified runners made it to the city finals. Way to go qualifiers we will definitely wish you good luck! After all this was an amazing experience so I encourage all students to participate in this activity next year. 

By Savannah C.

Hallowe’en Dance-A-Thon!

Hi everybody! Get your spooky groove on for a big spooky dance party! We are asking you to bring a toonie to support charity on Oct 31. Here’s the link: www.beautifulworldcanada.org. The money that we raise is going to help girls in Uganda, Rwanda, and Sierra Leone. The charity works with local partners in Uganda, Rwanda, and Sierra Leone to improve the lives of girls living in poverty, through the power of education.

From The Student Leaders 

By: Caleb B. 

The Soccer Team

The day I heard about the soccer team I knew it was a great activity for me. So I told my parents about it but they didn’t really care about it too much because they thought I wasn’t going to make the team. So I went to the two tryouts and I think I did really well. But then my gym teacher put me as a goalie. He thought I was not afraid of the ball. So I gave it a try. I was really saving all of the balls that got shot at me. Then eventually I made the soccer team and I was the goalie! The tournament is this Thursday (October 18th )! So I practiced a lot! The boy’s soccer team came first for the tournament so they advanced to the semi-finals. The weather does not look that good it is going to snow! So wish me LUCK!

By: Kasia J.

Kindness Campaign

This year Mrs. Myhal’s class read a book about kindness. After they read the book they decided to start a kindness campaign at Sir Adam
Beck. As part of this campaign, Mrs. Myhal’s class created a board in the downstairs hallway where examples of students’ kind acts are
posted. It inspired people so much that the entire school decided to take part. Now teachers from all classes are posting examples of
kindness from their classes. To join this kindness campaign make sure you do a random act of kindness. If everyone does one kind thing each
day Sir Adam Beck will be the peace school where people will always be kind. Kindness can change our school and nothing can stop us. Be sure to
join us!


By: Arsha K.