April 2020 Newsletter

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As we head into the final stretch of the 2017-2018 school year the
planning and organization process for next September has already begun.
I want to reassure parents that staff and administration put a great deal of
time and thought into the organizing of classroom groupings each year
taking into account the Ministry of Education’s Primary Class Size which
places a ‘hard cap’ of 20 students in Primary classes (Gr.1- 3). Teachers
will meet with school administration to discuss the needs of each student.
The following factors are taken into consideration:

  • The academic needs and learning style of the child
  • The social/emotional/behavioural needs of the child
  • Support programs – care is taken when placing children who are withdrawn for special programs i.e. Special Ed., ESL
  • A range of ability levels of the students in the class
  • The class size (primary caps)
  • Balance of males/females where possible
  • Parental input shared with the teachers regarding the following:
    • Academic needs and learning style of their child
    • The social/emotional/behavioural needs of the child.
      (Please note requests for specific teachers will not be entertained)

We appreciate your trust in our professional judgement in balancing the
considerations mentioned above. The final decision for class placements
is the responsibility of the Principal.

March came in like a lion and we hope that it exits more like a lamb.
Cooler than normal temperatures have lingered and we are anticipating a
wet April. Please ensure your child has the appropriate spring weather
wear – splash pants, boots and rain jackets along with a spare change of

We have transitioned from skating to swimming. The grade 3, 4 and 5
students were excited to start their 9 week swimming program this past
Tuesday. Our Eco-School Team led us in celebrating the Big Gulp on
March 22. We tracked how many students and staff used reusable water
bottles and learned the importance on not purchasing and using plastic
water bottles that were harmful to the environment.

Wishing all of our students, families and staff a wonderful Easter long

Mr. Kanalec