School Start-Up Forms - Online

The TDSB is moving to collecting School Start Up Forms online this year using Permission Click. These forms include Walking Excursion, Severe Weather, Use of Technology, Media Consent Release, Code of Conduct and Medical Forms.  

 A broadcast message will be sent by TDSB to all parents/guardians (priority 1 or 2 contacts with an email recorded in Trillium) through School Messenger on Thursday, August 30, 2019 to communicate the new process for digital forms.

An email will automatically be sent to the parent/guardian who is the primary or secondary contact (Priority 1 or 2) with an email in Trillium. The email will include a link for parents/guardians to complete the forms for each of their children and will be sent the next school day after attendance is taken and the student becomes active for the current school year. The email will come from the email address.