May Library Learning Commons Update

Time flies when you’re having fun, or at least that’s the what the old adage says. And at Sir Adam Beck, we’re having fun! If only the weather would cooperate just a little…

Everyone Has a Story…

As we move into May we reflect on weeks just gone by and weeks to come. The Silver Birch Reading group wrapped up their months of reading through the various Canadiana that The Forest of Reading organization selected for this year’s books. Students enjoyed both fiction and non-fiction works covering many different topics and highlighting exciting journeys into different places with wonderful characters and edgy plots. If you follow us on Twitter (@siradambeck) you would have noticed the picture of the very full Silver Birch tree on our bulletin board. The tree is so full of silver leaves that indeed it is truly a ‘silver wonder’ of the Sir Adam Beck kind! Well done readers! To wrap up The Forest of Reading program a number of our more committed readers will be heading down to The Harbourfront Centre for the awards ceremony for The Silver Birch Fiction award! The students also get to meet authors, do some activities and perhaps even get an autograph or two from their favourite authors! Thank you to Mme El Boury for accompanying these readers down to the festival!

‘Everyone Has a Story’ is the theme of our second ‘Read for a Day’ event on May 17th. The ancient art of storytelling will be the filter we will use to captivate young minds and hearts with the spirit of reading. And to highlight the event we’ve invited renowned storyteller, Bob Barton to share his storytelling skills with our students! We are looking forward to his presentation! Also, teachers will allow students to read independently in both the AM and PM as well as provide other opportunities for their students to embrace reading as an essential part of their lives.

The Toronto Public Library will also be hosting various presentations to the students in our library learning commons. The students have access to the library throughout the summer months and our TPL librarians have showcased the kid’s portal on the TPL’s website. Also, junior students have learned how to use TPL’s Overdrive feature so that they can download books on their devices and read electronically!

Please do ask your children about the event and keep on reading with your kids! Limit your child’s screen time and help them become absorbed in a good fiction or non-fiction book, graphic novel, or comic!