SABSound and Movie Making Coming to SAB in the New Year!

Beginning in the new year SAB will be launching two new creative teams to explore and highlight all that goes on here at Sir Adam Beck. We are currently looking for students who want to capture all of these news stories using the sound and visual mediums. 

SABSound was an inspiration a number of years ago that never fully launched for various reasons. We are, however, happy to bring this podcasting initiative back to life! Since Student Voice is something we respect at SAB we want to make sure that you hear and see it in full swing in the new year. Students will focus on interviewing other students on various topics, including favourite books that students read and want to recommend, as well as events that various classrooms will participate in and host.

Also, we will be introducing a Movie Making element as well. Once we get going we’ll be working with students to determine what it is that we need to explore and record via movie making. Lots of exciting stuff coming to SAB in January!