Movember with Mr. Bates

“Why does Mr. Bates’ face look different?”

Besides keeping him warm during the increasingly cold days of November Mr. Bates’ hairy face is for a good reason. He’s participating in the Movember challenge this year. Movember started originally to raise awareness to, and money for, male cancers like prostate and testicular cancer. In recent years the movement has broadened to encompass mental health as well. Mr. Bates has family members who have had and recovered from, prostate and testicular cancer, as well as depression and mental illness. Men often don’t talk about their health problems (both physical and mental) through a misplaced “tough it out” approach. Movember is about reversing this trend.

If you’d like to learn more or donate please click here to access Mr. Bates’ Movember page.

Thanks and happy Movember!