The School Library Learning Commons (SLLC) – November

There’s always something new going on at SAB’s Library Learning Commons (SLLC)! The Toronto Public Library staff have been busy presenting Hallowe’en stories, arranging some visits for the primary FI students from Reptilia, and we’ve updated our conference room to include an interactive panel. We continue to build our current SLLC into a true learning commons by adding resources, changing the space and slowly changing the philosophy about what a school library learning commons should ‘look’ and ‘feel’ like.

We’re also providing some resources that will be used in both the SLLC and Mr. Gard’s STEM program. One such resource we’ll be using this year is a kit from SAM Labs that allows students to build devices that can be controlled through a wireless connection.

SAM Labs kits are bursting with wireless electronic blocks that each have a personality of their own. From lights to motors to sliders to buzzers, every Bluetooth-enabled block can connect to the others via the app to do something different. Press a button to turn a light on!  Use a light sensor to activate an alarm! With the app, students can code the behaviours of blocks in any way they can imagine, enabling them to make anything from simple reactions to complex creations in minutes. (SAM Labs)

Using iPads students will be able to build devices with purpose! Talk about hands-on fun that incorporates critical thinking, problem solving and innovation!

Stay tuned next month when we reveal another device that we include in our SLLC space and in our school’s STEM program.